October is DETOX month at Salty Bath. We’ve curated a custom bath experience for our subscribers to help eliminate toxins from your body, purge negativity from your mind, and nourish your skin with vital minerals that will make you feel good inside and out.

We also love using essential oils to naturally detox the air. Here’s one of our favorite DIY room spray recipes, using 3 simple ingredients– perfect to spritz in your car, your bedroom, ┬ákids’ rooms, bathroom, or anywhere you want to breathe fresh, clean air! Also, it’s amazing for travel for airborne germ protection, and an instant pick-me-up.


1 tablespoon vodka or grain alcohol (oil and water don’t mix, so this fixes that, you will get better dispersement)

6 tablespoons filtered water

20 drops of our Crystal Mint essential oil

Directions: place the alcohol into a small glass spray bottle. Add the drops of essential oil. Shake well and add the water. Shake again and spritz!