Canarium Luzonicum Tree, grows in the tropical forest in Philippines

I have a confession to make. I am head-over-heels in love with Elemi Essential Oil.  Its scent is garden-fresh with top notes of lemon and sweet cooling base notes that uplift and rejuvenate, and its powers have me spellbound.

Before modern medicine, civilization relied heavily on the powers of nature to heal, restore and uplift. Turns out, Elemi is a rare and precious essential oil that has been revered for centuries.

Elemi Essential oil comes from the Canarium Luzonicum Tree found in the tropical forests of the Philippines and its neighboring nations. It is in the same botanical family as frankincense and myrrh. Elemis are evergreen trees that produce fruits the size of plums with nuts inside. The resin of the tree is put through a steam distillation process to capture the pale-yellow essential oil.

Elemi is very popular in skincare applications for its incredible ability to reduce fine lines and to tone and soften weary and aged skin.  I’ve been adding it to my moisturizer, and can definitely see a difference in the folds of my neck, and jawline.  Amazing!

In Arabic, Elemi means “as above so below.” This speaks to the strength of its balancing properties in aromatherapy. It is said to open the door to hidden emotions providing the opportunity to come to peace with them.

I’m so happy to have found Elemi and excited to be bringing it to our monthly subscribers soon. It’s wonderful in a diffuser, added to a bath, or used topically with a carrier oil, like my favorite, organic jojoba oil.

Time Is A Precious Commodity

Time Is A Precious Commodity

Make Time For Yourself

Isn’t it funny that we fill up our time saying yes to things that often leave us depleted? It’s a trap that can falsely make you feel “productive.” And apparently a lot of us have fallen into it (I’m guilty of it, too).

Being “crazy-busy” or, having a “doing-it-all” mindset, has become the norm in our society.  It creates a vicious cycle where we end up putting ourselves at the bottom of our priority list because we have overcommitted our time.  Let’s face it, it just isn’t easy to take care of ourselves. Begrudgingly, I realized I needed to re-frame the concept of MY time. I could no longer rob myself of a good night’s rest because the wee hours gave me more time in my day. I promised myself to stop saying I was crazy-busy. My time on this planet is precious, so I wanted to be much smarter about it. I’m so glad I did, and there is no one happier than me that self-care has become a “national phenomenon.”

I recently heard Arianna Huffington talk about her New York Times bestseller, The Sleep Revolution, and how we spend more time re-charging our smartphones than we do our own bodies. That really struck a chord.

The first thing I committed to doing was scheduling time WITH MYSELF. Twenty minute chunks daily, without digital screens. Then, I took it a step further and created a sacred space for that special time, which completely transformed my life.  These moments were like mini-vacations in my day.  Time to be creative, relax, be still, write in a notebook, drink tea, listen to music, whatever fed my soul. Creating time and a special place for myself was empowering. At home, my tub became one of my favorite sacred spaces. Being able to lock the door meant it became my private sanctuary. Being able to spend a few moments in a meditative state, in the warm, salty, aromatic water is magical and centering. I could — and did — shift my energy and my mindset whenever I needed to. So if you lack space, but have a bathtub, you can easily escape to a private retreat without doing anything radical.  If you are inspired to create a space that helps you connect to your inner spirit, check out the tips in this great article.

The most fascinating part about being disciplined to schedule time to connect with yourself is it how it brings more energy, focus, and amazingly, more purpose-driven activity to the forefront.  For sure, I am more intentional about my calendar. I am still a person who enjoys a very full, family/work centered life. As a creative entrepreneur, I typically have a lot of big projects that I’m working on at once. But, I no longer say yes to pointless distractions, or anything that doesn’t align with my priorities. The best part about being more thoughtful about my self-care, and drilling down to what is essential in my life, is I’m more in the flow, and more present. Maybe it’s because I know when things get chaotic, I have my sacred space waiting for me. It’s not an external place I need to get to.

So, time is my friend. This moment is the best moment. Being present means never being crazy-busy again. For me, it means enjoying all the puzzle pieces that make up a life. And when you find something that brings you joy and connects you to your heart and soul, by all means — make time for it!







How To Program A Crystal

How To Program A Crystal

Energy + Vibration + Frequency

Energy + Vibration + Frequency

We can thank Albert Einstein for helping us to understand the general theory of relativity, and the relationship between matter and energy.  In simple terms, you and everything around you, is made up of energy. That means all living objects – like humans – and all inanimate objects, such as crystals, all have a vibration.

When we interact with crystals, we are exchanging energy and affecting our own vibration. Crystals are a powerful way to bring about intentional change into our own lives, particularly since our personal “vibe” is easily influenced and can vary based on our emotions, our personal situations, what we eat, how we spend our time, our work/career, our family, you name it. Think about it, since we are all pure energy, on our own frequency, and emitting our own energy, our unique vibration is an important factor to how we all relate with one another. If we “vibe” with someone, it generally means we like them or feel connected to them or their energy. We are constantly exchanging energy with each other, and I for one, have experienced both sides of the coin. For example, being around a person with a “low vibe” feels like an energy suck, and being around someone with a high vibe feels exciting and positive. Interestingly, there is a whole “high vibe” lifestyle where you can find everything from food (generally in its raw form) to clothing dedicated to generating the highest positive vibes! And according to some, you can even incorporate crystals into your beauty routine to “pamper, balance and beautify.”

The vibration of crystals is constant, and in many cases, they operate on at very high levels.  Working with crystals as a healing technique dates back over 6,000 years ago, long before Einstein was born. Many people today use crystals to help focus a mindful practice, as well as help eliminate negativity and radiate more positivity. In essence, working with crystals helps us to raise our vibe higher, focus our mind, connect to our inner world, and bring about a desired change.


Explore your inner Shaman! Healing crystals can be a great addition to your self-care routine (you have a self-care routine, right?). Because crystals are beautiful and each have their own unique characteristics and properties, they are also easy and fun to work with. You can carry them around with you, display them on your desk or in your home, some people like to create special spiritual altars, the possibilities are endless. I like to use them for visualization exercises, as well as to feng shui my home, and bath. The key, however, is activating, or programming the crystal to work with your energy.

Here’s how to do program your crystal:

Clear your stone.  I like to do a simple sea salt bath for the stone. Sea salt and water are amazing at ridding the stone of unwanted energy. Simply fill a bowl with water, add some sea salt, add some essential oils for an enhanced cleanse, and let it sit overnight.  (Note, if you have a “crumbly” type of stone, don’t use this method.  Instead, you can simply put your stone in the sunlight for a day.)

Dedicate your stone. Next, you will want to put your intention into the stone, or dedicate it. This is how you connect with your stone and its powerful, vibrational energy. Typically, you will want to hold the crystal in your left hand (your receiving side). Say aloud:

“I dedicate this stone to the highest good. I ask that it be received in love and light.”

Next is the programming part. Focus on your intention — protection, love, guidance, heal an illness, etc. — and state that intention by saying “I dedicate this stone for (your purpose).”

I love carrying them with me on a spa trip, or keeping my crystals close to me at home and lighting a candle alongside a newly programmed stone for extra mindfulness. Each time there is a New Moon, I create a stone cleansing ritual and re-program them as a way to bring into my life all the positive new energy and flush out any negativity that may be lingering.  I also love adding crystals and candles to my bath — it’s an amazing way to wash with energy and intent — especially crystals like Citrine (for prosperity, abundance and creativity) and Rose Quartz (which promotes joy and unconditional love).  For a truly holistic approach, I love to add a mantra or meditation into the mix.  These rituals are a great way to live more consciously, simply by tapping into the vibrational power of crystals. How will you use crystals to support your heart’s desire?