Bathrooms are often an overlooked space and a missed opportunity for creating magic in your life. But your bathroom can be a personal oasis of bliss and restoration. Let’s supercharge your creativity so you can have the bath of your dreams!

WHAT’S YOUR BATHROOM VIBE? Here’s some inspo to get you going.

THE BOHEMIAN:  Are you a Bohemian Babe? Who says bathrooms have to be sleek and white, anyway? Bohemian Chic baths are a bold treat for the senses, often mixing color, texture, pattern and vintage accessories for the most awesome personal retreat, and amped up vibes.

Boho-licious! via Pinterest

THE DRAMA QUEEN: Modern mavens love dramatic artsy and sexy bathrooms – the sculptural tub with the view, the oversized art mixed with modern and earthy textures and details interwoven throughout come together for a glam take and a sexy retreat that will soothe any overworked fashionista or mogul.

Modern, Sexy, Dramatic via Pinterest

THE SERENE SOUL:  Like a nod to a fave resort trip, serene souls love a good spa vibe as an everyday luxury at home. Serene baths tend to have a sleeker, more minimalist feel, but the key to creating this look is all in the details: clean lines, optimal light, the combination of white layers and wood tones, flowers, candles, and amenities such as a deep soaking tub, heated towels and a steam shower.

The Serene Spa Retreat via Pinterest

THE JUNGLE JANE: Are you a nature lover with a green thumb? There’s a trend now to incorporate plants in the bathroom, and we love it. This bathroom may be small on space, but it is popping in fresh greenery that brings such amazing energy to this space. We love the eclectic mix of furniture, fixtures and accessories that make this a room you may never want to leave! There’s never a bad day when you can come home to a bathroom like this — alive and restful, totally blissful for reviving the body, mind and spirit.

Earthy, Jungle Vibes via Pinterest

THE MOODY MINIMALIST:  The minimalist vibe of this look (a man-treat, perhaps?) revolves around a moody, dark palette — with the forest as the focal point, one can imagine you are floating in the landscape. Old-school touches like the boom-box, art and decorative amber bottles make it personal yet not too serious.

Masculine and Moody via Pinterest

THE URBAN-RUSTIC SANCTUARY:  City meets country in this spa-like master bath. The claw-foot tub creates a focal point and the warm woods provide just the right amount of rustic vibes. Mirrors magically bounce the light around, creating openness, and the chandelier adds a bit of glam. Turkish towels, plants and artwork are the luxe details that also make it personal and warm.

Urban, Rustic Retreat

Regardless of your bathroom size, these baths are loaded with ideas. Cruise around on Pinterest too. If you love the Jungle Jane look, all you need to do is start with a few plants, and some decorative elements. For Bohemian types, perhaps you would love to try a bold color or a vintage accessory and some candles.  The possibilities are endless, and you can always start small and go from there. Either way, pumping up the bliss factor in your own bathroom will def bring you more joy and good vibes!

Which spaces speak to you? Are you ready to create your spa retreat at home?