Meet Clear Quartz

Meet Clear Quartz

The Master Healer

Clear Crystal Is The Master Healer

Living more fully can often mean working to create positive change in our lives. Whether you’re working through a rocky relationship, changing jobs, dealing with grief, deepening gratitude or seeking peace, the vibrational powers of healing crystals have helped many people experience rejuvenation. Each month, we will feature a new stone and share it’s properties with you. For a holistic approach, if you decide to use crystals try incorporating mantras and meditations; we’ll be making some recommendations for those as well.


Clear Quartz is a power stone, the Master Healer. Key properties include:

  • Purification of spaces
  • Amplifies energy and thought; believed to increase spiritual wisdom
  • Aids in creativity
  • Promotes confidence and clarity
  • Provides protection
  • Works as a master healer with any type of healing/ conditions
  • Cleanses and charges other crystals

Clear Quartz is a high-vibration stone. You can place this stone anywhere on the body that needs healing, carry it in a pocket, keep it in a room or space where protection or cleansing is needed. It is particularly effective when placed on the crown chakra.  Adding Clear Quartz to your bath is a great way to help you tune in to your inner spirit and intuition.