DSC_0049Essential Oils are the immune systems of plants. And as nature’s medicine, they are also one of the greatest untapped resources of the world. Each Salty Bath Box, will take you on a sensory journey into aromatherapy. And, you’ll learn how this natural medical system derived from plant life is in harmony with people and planet alike. It’s an incredible way to tap into the Earth’s natural resources to provide our families, ourselves, and our homes with natural protection and pleasure without toxins and chemicals. Our small batch bath soaks are infused with essential oils, hand-picked for their unique healing properties. We’ve got lots more info coming about this exciting aspect of the Salty Bath experience! Are you on our early sign-up list? Doing so means you’ll be the first to know when we open up a limited number of spots to reserve your box, and you will receive 10% off for life when you subscribe as a founding member!