“I am guided by my inner wisdom. I love, accept and trust myself fully.”

Sometimes life pulls us in so many directions, it’s hard to keep our wits about us. We feel overwhelmed, stretched too thin and depleted. Our instinct is too often to try to escape the chaos in our own heart, and to search outside ourselves for things that will make us feel better.  What if the answer is simply to sit still?  To tune in.  To quiet the madness of our own minds to really feel and hear our own voices.

Truth is, when we are in the midst of of feeling overwhelmed, it’s hard to find clarity. It’s even harder to be present, much less to tap into our inner wisdom and fully love ourselves. But unless we stop the vicious cycle of self-neglect, the consequences can take a toll on our well-being.

It doesn’t have to be so hard.  When we created Salty Bath, our mission was more than just providing amazing, pure, high-integrity bath and body products. The broader mission is to help motivate people to take better care of their bodies, in every sense of the word: physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

Our experiences are especially created for people who find it hard to sit still and not feel guilty for doing so. For the multi-tasker. The crazy-busy/never-has-time person. The can’t-afford-to-go-to-the-spa person. The curious-about-meditation person. The yogi. The athlete.  The chronically fatigued. The stay-at-home- mom.  The stay-at-home-dad. The list of people our bath experiences helps goes on and on.

Why are we so passionate about this? Well, for starters, we have seen first-hand how being a slave to your schedule and your obligations, but not to yourself can create significant levels of stress.  But when we began living intentionally – meditating, spending more time in nature, focusing on our heart’s desire, paying attention to our intuition, and dedicating time to restore our energy, for example — we noticed big shifts. Rituals and simple routines are very grounding as well as empowering. When we noticed how well our bath soaks worked and how they ticked off so many boxes for holistic health, we knew we wanted to share this experience with the world, to create something that was there for you instead of you having to go out and find it yourself.  All the work, the details and the hassle have been done, so that you simply get to experience the journey.  The journey though is deeply personal and rewarding because it becomes yours and yours alone. Every bath comes with a mantra/ meditation card and other spirited goods to support you on your path to serenity.

In a simple 20-minute warm soak in the privacy of your own bathtub, you will go from chaos to calm. From overwhelmed to overjoyed.  From tense to relaxed. When you are in this relaxed state, you begin to get clarity and your spirit is restored. The cycle of self-neglect has been broken, and you now have an amazing ritual that centers you, heals you, empowers you.

The funny thing is, if you think just spending 20 minutes with yourself is hard or impossible, then you should check out Kyle Cease. We love Kyle’s work and impact as a best-selling author/”transformational comedian,” which has won him a worldwide cult-like following. He also advocates meditation and falling in love with your fears because that is where the gold is…and he sits quietly for 2 hours a day! We got to check out his Evolving Out Loud tour in New York last year and were completely blown away and inspired. Why not start with a warm soak for 20 minutes and see where that takes you?

Our belief is whatever you can do to truly tune in and hear your own thoughts but also conquer your fears, doubts or limitations, you should do! And what we have been learning is that so many people find it hard to just start. Our self-care packages can be a very effective tool for that, and for your own transformational journey. Or, you may be looking for a great way to relieve stress, soothe sore muscles and sleep better, in which case, you will be happy to know our soaks do that too! The fun is in the discovery — and that discovery is defined by you.


Each month, we create a new theme and a curated self-care experience. As makers of small-batch bath soaks and body products, the monthly soak is the crown jewel and the theme drives the elements of that. For June our theme is CLARITY. We have designed our exclusive BRAIN BOOSTER SOAK experience with the healing powers of mineral salts sourced from the Dead Sea infused with 5 wondrous essential oils known for their ability to enhance cognitive function and sharpen mental focus. As you soak in the warm water, this formula draws out toxins from the body, and replenishes it with vital minerals to balance and restore your energy.  The essential oils further enhance your experience based on each oil’s specific properties. Leveraging the power of nature is a wholesome way to feel deeply connected to yourself and the world around you.

Our SALTY BRAIN BOOSTER features ROSEMARY oil, known for its entire body-strengthening ability and healing powers related to increasing mental energy and working wonders for anxiety. ORANGE oil promotes a feeling of happiness and warmth, relieves anger and anxiety, detoxifies the body and promotes an overall sense of well-being. Next, LAVENDER oil to help get you relaxed and in a better frame of mind, and SANDALWOOD oil, one of the most beneficial and calming oils widely known for its ability to effect a “union of the senses,” and incredibly harmonizing for the mind, helping to reduce daily stress, tension and confusion; and finally LEMON oil which is super uplifting and aids in maximum brain efficiency.

Our custom blended, natural and organic ingredients will provide you with the ultimate affordable luxury, where you not only have a spa-like experience at home, but also enjoy the luxurious benefits of our natural products without any negative side effects or harsh chemicals.

What else will our June “CLARITY” box include? Well, you will just have to stay tuned for sneak peeks, of course!

Luxuriate in all the possibilities of giving your overworked self the love it deserves. Soak away toxins, stress, pain, anxiety, and aches, while you breathe in the healing aroma of natural essences selected to transport you to sacred places filled with life’s abundance, love and prosperity. The next time you feel overwhelmed with the rigors of a busy and blessed life, take a deep breath and get thee to the tub.  Salty Bath has everything you need to be the best you can be, and more importantly, to love yourself…guilt-free!

–Om, Shanti, OM!