A Look Inside The Salty Bath LUXE BATH BOX

A Look Inside The Salty Bath LUXE BATH BOX

Self-care is a journey of self love that can be challenging for so many people. But it doesn’t have to be. We want to help you thrive and be your best self, without feeling selfish, or guilty, because you are more than worthy of love — especially your own!

Just imagine the convenience of having the highest-quality natural ingredients delivered directly to your home.  Every Salty Bath Box includes a custom-formulated bath soak based on recipes we have developed, an essential-oil aromatherapy blend, and assorted self-care goodies.

Spotlighting the LUXE BATH BOX

Every Salty Bath box comes packed with all the essentials you need to have an organic and relaxing spa experience right in the convenience of your own bathroom.  I’m going to break it down for you so you can get an idea of what’s inside each box. (And you can read about what one blogger had to say about our Luxe box she received, here.)

One of the things I am most proud of is that we offer the highest quality and most luxurious natural products that you would expect to find in the most expensive spas in the world.  But, the beauty is that you get all the benefit of the experience without any of the hassle.  Think of us as your personal spa concierge, working behind the scenes to bring you an experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

Key Benefits of Our Monthly Holistic Self-Care Service:

  • Convenient monthly deliveries right to your door.
  • Completely affordable, all the luxury benefits for a fraction of the “luxury spa” cost.
  • No hunting around or figuring out the best products on the market – no harsh chemicals, cruelty-free, all natural and organic.
  • We give you a complete ritual that you can practice all month long, whenever you need to recharge, in the privacy of your own home.
  • The savings add up, and value of the box is always higher than what you pay! On average, over $50 value in a Luxe tier box. The subscription price is $34.95.
  • You’ll love it!

We are always creating new products to include in the Salty Bath experience.  Here’s what LUXE subscribers received in a past box:

THE SACRED SOAK: All our bath soaks are custom-formulated based on recipes we have developed.  This soak has a high concentration of minerals – featuring a mix of Dead Sea salts, sourced from Israel, along with Magnesium Sulfate – and a deeply therapeutic blend of essential oils: Sandalwood, Peppermint, Thyme & Frankincense. This soak is excellent for removing toxins from the body, alleviating fatigue and reducing stress, as well as uplifting mood, fortifying your immune system and grounding your spirit. You emerge completely restored and rested, so it’s an ideal way to end your day for a much better, more restful sleep. Luxe subscribers receive a 9.5 ounce jar, good for typically 3 to 4 soaks, depending on how much you like in your bath.  All you need is a warm, 20-minute SACRED SOAK to feel revitalized, it is that amazing!

TOTAL DEFENSE ESSENTIAL OIL:  Discover aromatherapy in every box. This incredible oil blend is legendary, and protects your health and effectively supports your immune system.  This powerful protective blend, which consists of clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, rosemary, and eucalyptus radiata, is derived from a Medieval oil called Thieves Oil.  For our Salty Bath subscribers, we take this oil found in the Royal English Archives to produce a modern version that surpasses all others. We call it TOTAL DEFENSE. It’s your first line of defense against germs and bacteria. Luxe subscribers received a roller of TOTAL DEFENSE that can be easily applied on pulse points, the bottoms of the feet, as well as along the throat. We use organic jojoba oil as the carrier oil in our rollers.  These beauties are a great way to experience aromatherapy and its therapeutic benefits on the go, and beyond the bath.

BLACK TOURMALINE + MOONSTONE HEALING CRYSTALS: One of the spiritual aspects of the Salty Bath experience is to incorporate healing crystals into the bath ritual. Crystals are a powerful way to connect to you and the world around you, and use that energy to support positivity and manifestation in your life. Every box has at least one, and sometimes two.  Black Tourmaline is a powerful grounding stone, electrical in nature, known for dispelling negative energies or destructive forces.  Highly useful in purifying and neutralizing one’s own negative thoughts and internal conflicts, turning them into positive, usable energy.

Moonstone is a fantastic stone which allows the flow of intuition and understanding.  It can assist in times of change, and is often used for protection in traveling. Moonstone is also known for good fortune, self-discovery, insight, dreams and new beginnings.  We love working with this stone when bathing and reflecting on our deepest desires. Luxe subscribers received both stones in their box.

Creating a sacred space to renew body + spirit.

THE MANDALA CARD:  The mandala is an iconic Salty Bath element. Mandalas represent wholeness, and thus reflect the “whole body” experience that is at the center of what we create for you. Our boxes feature a series of custom-designed mandala mantra cards.  Each card accompanies the monthly soak to help you set an intention and affirm abundance and self-awareness in your life. The mantra for the month in this delivery was “I am light. I nourish my body, mind and soul.” When we practice self-care, we are tending to our needs – emotional, physical, spiritual and mental.  And doing so enables one to live optimally and more present, from a place of power and intention.

THE BUDDAHEAD ARTISANAL CANDLE: Luxe subscribers received this candle, made by artisans in Bali.  We love including candles in our boxes for two reasons: it helps you to remember to be the light in the world you came here to be, and also, we want to inspire your spark within.  We call this “mindful bathing,” as you soak in the salty, aromatic water, along with your crystals, mantra, and glowing candle, you can have a deeply rewarding experience – to just “be.”

THE ELEMENT OF SURPRISE! Every box, regardless what tier you subscribed to, will always have a surprise or two inside.  Luxe subscribers received a generous 4-ounce bottle of our luscious COCONUT MILK + HONEY CLEANSER made of organic aloe and of course, coconut milk and honey. Gentle foaming, it heals as it cleans and moisturizes. And we included organic tea to sip while in the tub or after for an added spa touch!

THE CONVENIENCE OF A CURATED EXPERIENCE. That’s 8 full-sized amazing items in one box, expertly curated, with a retail value of over $69! Luxe subscribers pay $34.95 monthly (plus shipping). Where can you enjoy a month of spa experiences for that price? We truly offer a relaxing and rejuvenating spa retreat in one box. Many of our subscribers tell us they appreciate the beautiful packaging and the pure ingredients, but also that they now have a ritual they can enjoy knowing it’s good for them, and their optimal well-being.

Each month, we have a new theme and products for you to discover as part of that experience.  For March, it’s SPRING CLEAN: Body, Mind and Soul, and we give detox a whole new meaning.  This is one detox experience that you will love, and you’ll be glowing all over! We will be debuting new products that you will not want to miss. And as usual, the Luxe March Box will be packed with essentials to help relax easily but also help you enjoy a natural glow that comes from within, all hand-picked and created by us…for you!

Ready to experience higher vibes and claim your Luxe Box? Join us now to reserve your March box, which will ship around 3/24.

Feeling Like A Sloth?

Feeling Like A Sloth?

I don’t know about you, but by March I’m feeling a steady combination of being sluggish and restless, and wanting to shake things up to feel more vibrant and energized.  You know, like that feeling you get when you go to the beach. Why is it that we associate the sea with feelings of relaxation, serenity, and being alive? Is it a coincidence or is there more to it?

Turns out, there are proven health benefits to going to the beach. The air is especially packed with health boosters that affect our mood and energy, and seawater is the ultimate healer – here are a few highlights:

The sound of the waves are relaxing + sea water is rejuvenating: according to research, the sound of crashing waves changes the wave patterns in our brain, lulling us into a deeply tranquil state. When we are relaxed, our mind and body rejuvenates. Also, when floating in water, your blood gets pumping and it brings more oxygen to our brain, making us more active and alert.

Sea air boosts the immune system: according to a study conducted by the University of California, the sea air has a lot of free electrons that neutralize free radicals in our body, and the negative ions in it kill bacteria. That makes for a healthier immune system as you inhale!

As this article points out, there is no greater healer than salt water. Swimming in the ocean enhances the immune system, hydrates skin, and boosts circulation. Seawater that is rich in magnesium also has been shown to relax muscles and helps induce sleep. Plus, the salt water is a miracle treatment for mild acne and wonderful for a deep cleanse.

Salt air combats depression and mood disorder – speaking of the negative ions in salt air, studies show they are also beneficial for improving one’s emotional state, especially those suffering from mood disorders or depression.

Fresh sea air boosts our ability to absorb oxygen: Those negative ions balance our serotonin level, a body chemical that affects mood and stress in the body, making us more relaxed, yet alert and energized.

The sun helps heal skin and also relieves stress: lying on the beach is a great way to reduce stress.  The heat of the sun on our skin affects our endocrine system.  This secrets endorphins in our body — and that makes us feel less stressed and more relaxed too. Plus, the UV rays are beneficial to people who suffer from skin conditions such as psoriasis, as they help make skin dry and flake faster, allowing for new, healthy skin to form.

If, like me, you love the beach but can’t get there on a regular basis, you long for that feeling of being submerged in the salty water and enveloped in its healing, rejuvenating properties. But lucky for you, you are reading this! Because that euphoric feeling is at the heart of the Salty Bath soak. When you can’t get to the sea, we bring it to you in one neat little box packed with all the essentials you need for a blissful experience. In fact, our salts are sourced from the Dead Sea in Israel and part of our proprietary mineral salt blend formula designed to restore, relax and rejuvenate you – body, mind, and soul. Many of the healthy benefits that you experience by a dip in the ocean, you can experience whenever you want right in the convenience of your own bathtub.  The best part? It’s an affordable, hassle-free luxury you can access anytime. Bye-bye, Sloth!

The Rose Quartz Buddha

The Rose Quartz Buddha

rose quartz buddhaYour Salty Bath experience takes your self care to the next level. First, we help you to create a beautiful, private ritual that helps you raise your vibration and infuse your bath with the purest energies of love and light. Every gorgeous box provides positive affirmations and crystals. Here’s one of our faves: Rose Quartz. Placing it on your tub (or even in it) along with our Bath Soak will allow you to surround yourself in unconditional love and acceptance. #collectthemall#takecareofyourself #lovestone 

It’s Getting Close

It’s Getting Close

salty bath boxWe have been in the lab getting our first batches of our amazing DETOX Bath Soak ready for launch. You will find this alongside 5 additional incredible wellness products (or more, depending subscription type) in every Salty Bath monthly box.
Did you know that deficiency in magnesium contributes to high rates of chronic fatigue, stress related illnesses, heart disease, stroke, arthritis and joint pain, osteoporosis, digestive maladies and a number of other ailments? Our Bath Soaks feature a custom blend of Dead Sea and Epsom Salts infused with therapeutic grade essential oils, which eliminate toxins, replenish vital minerals, such as magnesium, lower stress & anxiety, promote better sleep, nourish the skin, balance pH levels, soothe sore muscles, aches and joint pain, improve circulation and more. All natural, organic ingredients always. Don’t miss out. Signup before we’re sold out.