Goodbye staycation. Hello, stay-TREAT.

Goodbye staycation. Hello, stay-TREAT.

bath and window

Sometimes the pressure of getting to the spa takes away the fun of being at the spa. Or worse, becomes something you put off entirely.

Getting appointments during coveted slots at top spas often takes months of advance planning, and spa trips with “the girls” are another booking animal all together. Then there’s worrying that the kids won’t get picked up, or a delivery won’t be met or dinner won’t get on the table. (Insert any number of reasons why busy women often put themselves at the bottom of the priority list here.)

The next time you feel like you need a break to refresh and replenish, make an appointment with yourself, and head straight to your own bathroom. In today’s chaotic world, everyone deserves a retreat, a private sanctuary. By declaring your bathtub, your Sacred Space, you are making a commitment and taking action to take care of yourself. It’s important to quiet your mind, tune in, and reflect. To connect with yourself and the world around you. 

What’s your perfect stay-TREAT vision? Here are some kernels of inspiration:

– fresh flowers in the bathroom add a special luxury touch and connect you to nature

– flickering candles are a soothing way to welcome reflection and remind yourself that you are a bright light in the world 

-get a bath caddy or stool to hold salts, essential oils, make it your altar and get creative. Pretty baskets are awesome too. We love adding crystals, artwork and succulent plants too! Have fun switching things up, whatever inspires you.

Mark the time on your calendar — give yourself at least 20 minutes, but more is better. Be generous.  You don’t have travel time.  You don’t have prep time.  You just have ME time.

A warm bath is good medicine. Adding mindful goodies, mineral salts and essential oils elevates it to a luxury retreat-like experience. A time to purge negativity, eliminate toxins, and completely restore balance to your body, mind and spirit. The therapeutic benefits will not only last longer but the holistic effects are cumulative too. 

The best part– the stayTREAT is one affordable luxury that you can indulge in, guilt-free, and as often as you need to. Morning stayTREATs after the kids get off to school or before work, can enhance your mood, boost your energy and give you a great start your day, while an evening stayTREAT can melt away stress, aches and worries and set the stage for a better night’s sleep.  So, treat yourself and you’ll be on your way to your best self.